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Sem a devida complacência com as mazelas dos brasileiros

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elizabeth-bishopElizabeth Bishop e o Brasil: “Sem a devida complacência com as mazelas dos brasileiros”

Elizabeth Bishop  (Worcester, 8 de fevereiro de 19116 de outubro de 1979) foi uma autora americana, considerada uma das mais importantes poetisas do século XX a escrever na língua inglesa.

Sua percepção das contradições brasileiras é, no entanto, sutil e perspicaz em poemas sobre a paisagem de Santarém (Pará), por exemplo, na evocação das chuvas tropicais, na sátira social explícita (poema Pink Dog, por exemplo) no retrato dos pobres urbanos.

“A autocomplacência seria a principal característica brasileira”, de acordo com Elizabeth Bishop, que viveu anos entre nós, gostava da poesia e da paisagem, mas não era admiradora do caráter nacional. A palavra “autocomplacência” pode ser traduzida como “indulgência com os próprios defeitos” ou “tendência de tomar os vícios como qualidades” Rubens Ricúpero 

Em tempo: Senador chama colegas de ladrões e provoca revolta  – Jornal O Globo, País, Página 6, 4ª feira, 31 10 2012

Para acessar o Poema Pink Dog (Cadela Rosada) de Elizabeth Bishop, com tradução e análise em português, é só clicar em:

Uma cadela no Carnaval  

A Sindrome da Cadela Rosada 

Pink Dog

Elizabeth Bishop

The sun is blazing and the sky is blue.
Umbrellas clothe the beach in every hue.
Naked, you trot across the avenue.

Oh, never have I seen a dog so bare!
Naked and pink, without a single hair…
Startled, the passersby draw back and stare.

Of course they’re mortally afraid of rabies.
You are not mad; you have a case of scabies
but look intelligent. Where are your babies?

(A nursing mother, by those hanging teats.)
In what slum have you hidden them, poor bitch,
while you go begging, living by your wits?

Didn’t you know? It’s been in all the papers,
to solve this problem, how they deal with beggars?
They take and throw them in the tidal rivers.

Yes, idiots, paralytics, parasites
go bobbing int the ebbing sewage, nights
out in the suburbs, where there are no lights.

If they do this to anyone who begs,
drugged, drunk, or sober, with or without legs,
what would they do to sick, four-legged dogs?

In the cafés and on the sidewalk corners
the joke is going round that all the beggars
who can afford them now wear life preservers.

In your condition you would not be able
even to float, much less to dog-paddle.
Now look, the practical, the sensible

solution is to wear a fantasía.
Tonight you simply can’t afford to be a-
n eyesore… But no one will ever see a

dog in máscara this time of year.
Ash Wednesday’ll come but Carnival is here.
What sambas can you dance? What will you wear?

They say that Carnival’s degenerating
— radios, Americans, or something,
have ruined it completely. They’re just talking.

Carnival is always wonderful!
A depilated dog would not look well.
Dress up! Dress up and dance at Carnival!


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